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Just Released! The 2005 Calendar
Who even knows, but it's kind of funny. I should expand on this some day.
The calandar series has been pretty popular in western culture recently so it's no surprise they came out with one for 2005. For those of you that just wanted more of a good thing then you're in luck, little has changed except for a revision back to a 365 day year this go arround, that extra day in February didn't go over as well as was hoped. Oh well maybe in a few years they'll try it again?

Seems they're really pushing the patriotic shit down our throats this year though with all the different days: veterans day, flag day, memorial day, presidents day, patriots day, independence day, etc. I guess nobody is too low to stoop to making a profit off 9-11. Oh well I'm happy to see that April Fool's day is finally recognized and given the credit it is due.

I'm pretty excited, even though I was pretty postitive it was coming, the official announcement makes me all jittery, I cannot wait until this thing goes live! 31 more days!

Anybody else anticipating this as much as I am? I thought 2004 was a real breakthrough and expect 2005's calander to be even better!

ProThunderball came out of the closet to say:
Though I see how this may be helpful in some situations, is it really a worth while investment? I mean will I actually be able to use this for a whole year? And how far does the warranty extend? Will it fall apart after June leaving me high and dry?

The calandar series has always demostrated the highest in quality standards. I've always used mine up until december 24th, and then I find myself relying more on the standard 24 hour clock, counting down the minutes until the 25th. After that there's not much need for a calander as the 24 hour clock is sufficient enough for everything that happens heretofore (i dont know what that word really means).

So really its a good deal. Hell by the time that comes arround you'll be too busy drooling over the 2006 calandar anyway that you wont even care :)

As for the quality of the materials used, I think you'll find the standard of 31 days (or sometimes 30 (or on one occasion 28 (except for when they try to reintroduce the 29th day in Feb.))) provides a nice consistency for all the months. The 31 day system is the most stable of the calandar systems in the world today, and argueably the most advanced system ever made.
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