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Robot-Shapie Case Mod
Case Mod thread for SA
CaseMod: ROBOT

I first came upon this computer arround 2000. It happened almost haphazardly. One day I was sitting in my room when I realized I had finally saved up enough to by my very first computer. So I went to Dell's website and ordered one. Fate works in mysterious ways.

It came tricked out with a cd-rom drive and like a video card and everything. I wasn't much into case modding at first, until I started playing need for speed underground last week and I thought that it would be neat to put all that kind of stuff on a computer.

I had my computer sitting on the edge of my table becuase I was working on it, trying to hook it up to duel monitors. I turned arround to kick a dog or something and I knocked it clear off the table and onto the floor.

this gave me the early vision of what i wanted the computer to become. I saw in its twisted wreckage the very shape and personality of a real life robot. I decided that I must rebuild and fix it and make it better than it had ever been before. Then I went downstairs to get a drink and when I came back it just turned on again like magic so I scraped that idea.

The first step in building "Robot" was finding a permanent marker. I found one in my sisters room and stole it. Then I proceeded to draw the artwork needed to make my casemod come to life. In probably about 45 seconds later it was finished, but I had to trace some of the lines a few times to make it darker.

With his glowing eyes of danger I knew nobody could ever mess with my computer again-oh boy!

Here is a perspective view of the side and the front. Notice the large viewing window on the side to see inside of the robot.

For the inside I kept it pretty basic with the wires and all, I tried to use a lot of different colors to make it happier though, like green and red and sometimes yellow. However; I made sure to keep lots of silver to remind you that it's a robot.

After all my intensive work on the case I needed matching accesories. I didn't feel the standard keyboard quite fit the feel of "Robot" so I changed it to a more suiting style.

Although I really like robots I dont like racists so I decided to reflect this with my multi-national monitors. They sit right next to each other and they use the same power (although I had to segregate their videocards :( ) as you can see I was busy getting an error on my screen. That happens a lot because I do a lot of advanced stuff that is hard for the computer to understand.

That's pretty much it there. As far as hardware goes I don't really know what I got in it but I'm running a pretty customized version of windows ME and I use trillian so I can have all my buddies on one list :)

Hope you like it! here's one last picture for you guys! Thanks for helping me when I am retarded at computers!

2003-2008 Brian B. Griffiths