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2004-09-23 - History Hijinks
A paper I wrote for a history class my second semester of college. I didn't actually read the book, and was more concerned with making the beginning of each line spell out "This class is a load of hippy bullshit" than writing a coherant paper. But it was a GE class, so I ended up getting an A anyway.
2008-02-28 - No craigslist 'missed connections' are a
A post I wrote for the SA forums.
2004-01-09 - Robot-Shapie Case Mod
Case Mod thread for SA
2004-11-28 - I have the worst luck of anyone I know
Just a quick silly story I wrote, I think I was trying to see how many subtle weird jokes I could fit into this one.
2004-12-01 - Just Released! The 2005 Calendar
Who even knows, but it's kind of funny. I should expand on this some day.
2005-01-28 - Lame For Sin
Using anagrams of "Life on Mars" as well as several themes or direct lines from David Bowie's song.
2005-02-25 - I bought some foil
Sherman Koch, Megan McBride and I pull a prank on my sister while she is off on a week long ski trip.
2005-06-11 - Home Renovation Tips From a Pro
A project I did with my friend Megan McBride. We renovated a wall in my dad's house, which he was not too happy about. You'll see why.